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We nurture your biggest asset; the people that actively build your business. From fitness routines, to wellness techniques that can be carried into the workday; we bring out the best in your employees, fostering a culture of positivity within your company.



With over 30 years experience as a Wellness Advocate, Performer, Fitness and Dance Educator; Flic Manning is an inspiring & interactive speaker that establishes a method of thinking that will change your life profoundly.



We are what we think, therefore our Mindset crucial in life. Through workshops or a series of private sessions, we establish a framework of thinking, self-analysis and targeted action, that allows leaders and teams to reach their full potential.


We bring the powerful Corethentic system of Dance, Cardio, Core & Meditation to you, in Private Training Sessions. This will allow you to explore the connection between your body and mind; leading to an appreciation of your health and wellbeing.


Experience the complete Corethentic system in a pristine locale; via workouts, nutritional guides, cooking experiences and dedicated Wellness & Mindset talks; which will empower you to live a more mindful and active life.