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Corethentic is a Dance Fitness program created by Flic Manning, an experienced Dance Choreographer and Personal Trainer. By combining movements from Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary dance with Pilates and Functional Training; Flic developed a system that trains the body to work from the core outwards, and trains the brain to find balance within the body. Find your most Corethentic self, with this fast, fun, full-body workout.




Flic grew up in the dance and fitness world from the age of three. She made her way into Musical Theatre in her youth, leading to an exciting life of rehearsals and touring which gave her a valuable education in physical fitness. She felt inspired to mentor the next generation of dancers, which led to her running master classes throughout Australia in Contemporary, Jazz, Latin, Ballroom, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre and Hip-Hop.

“I believe that wellness comes from our body and mind working together as one unit, and our core is at the centre of that. The amazing thing is that if we take the time to be in tune with ourselves, and have a strong core, then we are creating our own injury prevention and cure, and we have a real sense of what is normal for our own bodies. When we are able to feel what’s happening inside us, we gain such confidence in ourselves, and in our own skin. To me, that is priceless and beautiful.”


Flic had the desire to create fusion styles of movement, and so she became a Choreographer working on numerous music videos, stage shows and musicals; eventually creating her own Dance Production CompanyEvixa” (effectively being the test version of Corethentic). After several years she pursued the opportunity to live in the USA, so that she could learn even more about business and fitness.

She completed her studies to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and furthered her education in Pilates, Yoga and the Core.


Now, globally qualified in both dance and fitness, and having spent time working in dance studios and gyms; she decided to bring something into the fold that didn’t exist. Where many classes fail to truly educate their attendees, Flic vowed to ensure she created a program that would do just that.

Bringing her education in Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and Wellness coaching together she has created classes that cover everything from cardio and stretching to stress relief, toning and strengthening.

“Corethentic is all about finding what's authentic for you, and we make that process easy because it's a genuinely fun way to explore your fitness. You will press play, dance, sweat, build your strength, relax, listen to some pumping music and finish smiling.”


Her team grew with the inclusion of instructors and video specialists that bring the worlds of dance and fitness together.

Tammy Bills and Sofia Toumbas have a keen interest in the human body, its mechanics and how the mind and body work together as one unit in specific conditions. They are passionate and talented individuals, whose gifts shine on video, making them the perfect instructors for Corethentic.