Flic Manning is the creator of Corethentic, a fusion of dance, pilates, cardio and functional fitness, designed to engage and strengthen every part of your core.

Flic grew up in the dance and fitness world from the age of three. She made her way into Musical Theatre in her youth, leading to a life of gruelling rehearsals, tour schedules and an intense education in physical fitness, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. Her passion for dance never faded and eventually she decided to pass on her skills to the next generation by becoming a dance teacher; leading master classes throughout Australia in Contemporary, Jazz, Latin, Ballroom, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre and Hip-Hop.

She had the urge to create fusion styles of movement and so she became a Choreographer working on numerous Music videos, stage shows and musicals; eventually creating her own dance production company “Evixa” (effectively being the test version of Corethentic). After several years she pursued life overseas and took the opportunity to learn about business and fitness while she was based in California, USA.

During that time she completed her studies to become a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and furthered her education in Pilates, Yoga and the Core. Now, globally qualified in both dance and fitness, and having spent time working in dance studios and gyms; she’s decided to bring something into the fold that didn’t exist. Where many group classes fail to truly educate their attendees, Flic vowed to ensure she created a program that would do just that.

“Dancers have known for years something that the fitness industry doesn’t seem to have grasped yet; true fitness comes from understanding our full body, from working through the core – its our centre, it connects to everything, its injury prevention and cure, and whatsmore, it teaches us about what our normal is. Most people think of the body as being somehow separate to the mind, but it isn’t and when we really learn about our bodies and what feels right for us and not for someone else – well that’s us having the ultimate power and connection with ourselves. That’s priceless and beautiful”.

At the same time, Flic wanted to ensure that the program she created was fun and efficient. Bringing her education in Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Fitness together she has created classes that run for 30-45 minutes and cover everything from cardio and stretching to stress relief and strengthening. It’s actually a full body workout that leads the mind and body to work as one unit.

“People want to get into the gym or studio, do their work out and leave. We are a time poor society so I want to make sure people are getting what they need in as quick a time frame as possible. They will come in, sweat, dance, build their strength, relax, listen to some pumping music and leave smiling. It’s all about being authentic to your life, your own body and health, simple as that.”

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