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Corethentic is an online workout of Dance, Pilates, Functional Fitness and Cardio designed to target and engage every part of your body through your core.

Corethentic was created to match any fitness lifestyle; from beach workouts to exercise sessions in the privacy of your own home.

Be you. Be authentic. Be Corethentic.

Dance Inspired
Built for Life

Dancer’s bodies are often revered as being lean, strong, toned and flexible because dance movement builds the bodies smaller supporting muscles, as well as the larger ones that traditional fitness programs often focus on.

Corethentic is a complete body workout, built for living a full life for non-dancers and dancers alike. 

Smile & Sweat
On The Go

Our 30 minute videos provide a quality workout, streamed anywhere, anytime.

In addition, we’ve created 10 minute videos that will allow you to customise your regime to your body’s exact needs.

Keen to tone your arms? Want a little more Dance Cardio? We have you covered.


If you’re new, we recommend starting with FOUNDATION to ensure you have everything you need for success.

If you’re familiar with our method, CLASSIC will be a great place to get back in.

To add greater challenge, or work a specific area of the body, the PERSONALISED program will be your jam.

We begin with fluid motions, inspired by Ballet and Pilates, that increase blood flow throughout the body and slowly elevate the heart rate. With a focus on the breath and the intention of each move, we effectively wake up the brain and the muscles from head to toe.
Dance Cardio
As the music pumps, we increase the intensity of movement through fun, choreographed dance-fitness routines inspired by everything from Jazz to Functional Training to Hip Hop. Your muscles are warm, your heart is pounding and you'll be smiling from ear to ear.
We hone in on your Core musculature; toning and strengthening them through sustained and finely-tuned movements both on the floor, and standing. You'll be training the brain to increase balance and spatial awareness, whilst you cinch in your waist. Feel the burn.
Dance Cardio
To ensure a complete body workout, we ramp the heart rate up again; this time tapping into some of the same techniques we use in the Core section, combined with that of fluid dance moves. You will feel lengthened, accomplished and sweaty as we close out this section.
Wind Down
We allow the body to cool down gently through a short series of guided stretches, breathing and meditation techniques. As your heart rate slows down, your mind will come to a place of calm. Having focused on your wellness, you will find yourself ready to tackle the day.
meet our
Flic Manning
Corethentic Creator

Flic has 27 years experience in the dance industry as a performer, teacher and choreographer; working on musicals, music videos and in dance studios across Australia. She became a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor to inspire others to value their health. Specialising in the Core, she immersed herself in fitness to hone her skill-set, before creating the ideal combination of both of her worlds; Corethentic.

Tammy Bills
Corethentic Instructor

Over the past 15 years Tammy has pursued her passion for Dance, Musical Theatre and Fitness. Completing Left Leg Studio’s Musical Theatre course in 2017, she continued performing at various events in Melbourne, Australia, including the Michael Jackson King of Pop Show. These experiences led to a interest in how the human body functions, motivating her towards studying a Double Degree in Health Science and Osteopathy.

Sofia Toumbas
Corethentic Instructor

Sofia is an Exercise Science Teacher and Personal Trainer. As a fitness competitor she uses competitions as a way of further educating herself on the wonders of her own body and mind, in order to develop her knowledge and understanding to pass on to her clients and students. With over a decade of industry experience she strives to open minds to new perspectives and opportunities to meet health and fitness goals.

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